Who's Who at Adler & Robin Books, Inc.

President: Bill Adler, Jr.
Vice-President: Peggy Robin
Executive Editor: Jeanne Welsh

Jeanne Welsh is Adler & Robin Books' executive editor and literary agent. She has been the editor of numerous books, including Mike Wallace's The Way We Will Be 50 Years From Today and Kids' Letters to President Obama. You can submit your queries --email only-- to her at submissions at adlerrobin.com.  Her areas of acquisition include biography/memoir, careers, gift books, how-to, humor, lifestyle, local history, pop culture, reference books, self-help, and children's books.

Bill Adler, Jr. is the president of Adler & Robin Books, Inc. a literary agency and book packaging company. As a bestselling author himself, Adler is one of the most creative people in book publishing. He is the author of over a dozen books including Outwitting Squirrels: 101 Cunning Stratagems to Reduce Dramatically the Egregious Misappropriation of Seed From Your Bird Feeder by Squirrels (Chicago Review Press), Outwitting Home Contractors (Lyons Press), Ask Me Something I Don't Know (Avon), The Weather Sourcebook (Globe Pequot), The Non-Smoker's Bill of Rights (William Morrow, with Steve Allen), Baby-English: A Dictionary for Interpreting the Secret Language of Infants (Pocket Books, with Karen Adler, age two), Condensed Fairy Tales (Dutton), Outwitting Toddlers (Kensington), Outwitting Critters, (Lyons Press), Outwitting Fish (Adams Media), and Outwitting Neighbors (Fireside). Outwitting Critters was a Literary Guild selection.

Adler's How to Negotiate Like a Child:  Unleash the Little Monster Within to Get Everything You Want was selected by The Houston Chronicle as one of the ten "most significant business titles of 2005."

Of all his books, Adler's favorite is Outwitting Squirrels, not just because it was a treat to write but because it became such a success even after twenty publishers turned the proposal down. While reviewing this book USA Today called Adler, "A trendspotter." The Wall Street Journal called the book "A masterpiece." The book was twice enthusiastically reviewed in The New York Times and The Washington Post. Outwitting Squirrels is not only a testament to the cunning and perseverance of squirrels, it is a testament to Bill Adler's creative insight into the book business. The book has gone into printing after printing, and now the number of copies sold is in six digits. Regardie's magazine had this to say about the book: "Adler still feeds the birds, but now he also squirrels away royalties."

Here are what some reviewers have said about some of Adler's books:

Outwitting Squirrels

In light of his entertaining, instructional, and philosophical contribution to the understanding of and possible solutions to such a universal problem, we should make Bill Adler, Jr. an honorary New Hampshirite. -Monadnock Ledger

What the birdfeeders of America long have needed is a guru...I'm pleased to announce there's a new voice on the front lines of birdfeeding. His name is Bill Adler, Jr...Adler assembled his findings into a nifty volume entitled Outwitting Squirrels.

-Minneapolis Star Tribune

A fascinating book. -Tuscaloosa News

Outwitting Squirrels...ingenious tricks to keep squirrels from eating all the seed when the feeders fail. -The Washington Post

Bill Adler, Jr., a writer in Washington, has just published a treatise titled, Outwitting Squirrels...[His stratagems are] particularly appealing. -The New York Times

A paperback sure to please. -St. Petersburg Times

At last! A book that addresses life's really important issue, or in any case, the issue most crucial to people who like to feed birds. -The Detroit Free Press

Adler still feeds the birds, but now he also squirrels away royalties. -Regardie's

A masterpiece of squirrel stratagems. -The Wall Street Journal

An excellent book...both entertainingly witty and extremely helpful. A must. -The Ottawa Citizen

I learned a lot from Bill Adler. -The Toronto Star

Impeccable Birdfeeding

The author of "Outwitting Squirrels" strikes again. -The Milwaukee Journal

The most entertaining backyard birding book we know! Bill Adler, Jr., author of "Outwitting Squirrels," needs no introduction to bird lovers. He's simply the funniest, most practical writer on birdfeeding. -The Nature Company

Perspective makes this book different: Mr. Adler puts the needs of the hobbyist before those of the birds. -The Dallas Morning News

The advice he delivers is supremely practical, his style spare and straightforward and his sense of humor is enlivening throughout the book. This is an eminently readable book, perhaps the only one the amateur bird-feeding hobbyist needs on his shelf.

-The Washington Post

Many people will remember the enormously successful Outwitting Squirrels.

-Nature Canada

This book will add greatly to a person's enjoyment of birdfeeding. -The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Outwitting Critters

Adler tells engaging stories, many bordering on suburban legend. Outwitting Critters surfeits with interesting facts and horse-sense hints. -The Village Voice

Adler has the answers, and they are creative as well as nontoxic. -Chicago Tribune

He offers...comprehensive treatment of the subject, and provides recommendations that are grounded in common sense. -Library Journal

Outwitting the Neighbors

"A witty paperback."-Indianapolis Star

"Worth reading." -Arizona Republic

Adler's books have also received accolades from technical journals. Here's what Physical Sciences and Mathematics said about The Weather Sourcebook: "This is a great book for weather enthusiasts."

Bill Adler is the creator of Authors Online, the world's first electronic book tour. Authors Online places writers on the six largest electronic computer networks, where they interact with readers.

Besides books, Adler's articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Sierra, Dossier, and other newspapers and magazines. The first publication he ever wrote for was the much overlooked quarterly, American Drycleaner.

During his free time Adler flies airplanes, including a Decathlon, Cessna Skyhawk and Piper Warrior. Adler is an aerobatic pilot, and flies loops, rolls, spins and other maneuvers.  He is a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association.  Adler  is also a licensed amateur radio operator, and is known by the call sign, N3JAV. He is an avid cross-country skier.  In his spare time, Adler writes music reviews for Ecto, www.ecto.org

Bill Adler received his B.A. from Wesleyan University, where he majored in government and did graduate work in organic chemistry. He received his M.A. from Columbia University's School of International Affairs, specializing in Soviet foreign policy, a field that is now ancient history. In the early 1980s, Adler was a Congressional lobbyist on defense and foreign policy, and then a political consultant. His study on nuclear breeder reactors was published in The Congressional Record. He also served as a Member of the United States Delegation to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in 1978.

Adler is the son of Bill Adler, the New York literary agent.

He lives with his wife, Peggy Robin, also a multi-talented writer, and co-founder of Adler & Robin Books, Inc., in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.  They have a daughter, Karen, whose first book, Baby-English, was published in 1993 on Karen's third birthday. Their second child, Claire, has not yet written a book.

Peggy Robin is the company's vice-president. She is the author of numerous books including, Saving the Neighborhood: You Can Fight Developers and Win! (John Wiley and Sons), Outwitting Toddlers (Kensingon Publishers), How to Be a Successful Fertility Patient (William Morrow & Company), When Breastfeeding is Not an Option: A Reassuring Guide for Loving Parents (Prima Publishing), and The Safe Nanny Handbook (William Morrow & Company.)

Her books have received wide acclaim. Saving the Neighborhood was featured with a nearly full page entry in the millennium edition of The Whole Earth Catalog.

Here are some reviews of Peggy Robin's books:

Saving the Neighborhood

Seldom does one encounter a book with such a wealth of useful information about neighborhood preservation...An excellent field manual for both the veteran and novice community activist. The Neighborhood Works

This just might be the best $16.95 investment you can make...For people who understand that the integrity of their neighborhoods, communities, natural surroundings and ways of life are of the utmost importance. Small Town Magazine

Attractively designed, well-written, thoughtful, comprehensive, and to the point.

Planning Magazine

A pragmatic activist handbook...demystifies the planning and zoning process and provides practical advice on forming a community organization...gives useful 'nitty-gritty' advice. Library Journal

Old hands will find this book a good reference, and beginners can use it to learn the process, from talking to politicians to preservation ordinances, to what to do after you win...Robin maintains it's a war...Her book helps with strategy. Booklist

How to Be a Successful Fertility Patient

Important and supportive information to help infertile couples through the fertility treatment process...an excellent work. Sharon N. Covington, Director of Counseling, The Shady Grove Fertility Center

The extensive interviews with dozens of male and female infertility patients in this helpful book represent virtually every etiology of infertility and appropriate means of treatment available today...Accurate and realistic. Fertility News

Excellent...chock full of information that I haven't seen elsewhere. Susan Cooper, author of The Long-Awaited Stork

Peggy Robin lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Bill, and two children, Karen and Claire.

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